Riga history hobby group is attended by the preschool and primary school age children and their parents. During the classes by the help of folk songs, tales, games the history about the ancient Riga is learnt. The children regularly have guided tours round Old Riga and Old Riga museums.

If you want to know how people lived many thousand years ago – in ancient times, become an archaeologist! During the classes the students are taught about archaeology of Latvia and Old Riga history, they introduce themselves with Riga museums, they learn Old Riga building history and Riga inhabitant social life.  In summers our students are the only ones in the country who participate in archaeological expedition. There are written 2 books about the work performed by them and by a hobby group’s teacher-archaeologist in hill-forts and ancient cemeteries.

What would be the events if you were not informed about them by journalists? What would be the personalities if others were not informed about them by journalists? Are you inquiring and communicative, do you have your own opinion about what happens around you? Then you should attend the journalistic hobby group. In cooperation with animated cartoon studio the children and youth culture portal – ( The hobby-group’s students issue their own newspaper.

Students of European culture history hobby group are introduced with ancient cultures and they participate in modern European projects. Participants of this hobby-group  enjoy travelling and hiking, taking photos and filming, meeting new friends in Latvia and abroad, they know European art styles, nature and traditions of Latvia.

Orienteering hobby group of “Rīgas Skolēnu pils” exists already for 50 years. Orienteering is searching for the “hidden possessions” – searching for checkpoints using map, compass. The participants of the hobby group master theoretical knowledge of orienteering, train themselves and check their orienteering skills at local and international scale competitions. Regardless of the weather, also the training camps, hikes, excursions are organised.

Karate-do is in nowadays widely known  close combat system which is a part of the culture of Japan and becomes more and more popular. Karate – this is sport, self-defence, life-philosophy and development. During the classes of karate hobby group the participants master the technicque, methods, ethics standards and develop themselves physically, as well as intellectually.

Sport tourism hobby group in “Rīgas Skolēnu pils”  exists already since 1948. In the hobby group the children has the possibility to learn about and practically master: sport tourism skills (to pitch tents, to make fire, to bind knots, to learn wire-walking etc.), as well as to overcome different natural and artificial impediments etc., and to orient themselves in unfamiliar area using map and compass, to get the basic skills in rock climbing and mountaineering.

Draughts hobby group prepares international (100 square) draughts’ players of high qualification. Participants of draughts hobby group regularly take part at the competitions of different level in Latvia and abroad. Students develop mathematical skills, dimensional thinking, memory and strong fighter’s character.