This programme is of wide choice in “Rīgas Skolēnu pils”. In different musical groups – in musical groups, schools, choirs there are about 1000 students involved. Many musical groups are established approximately 30-40 years ago. Every year in spring our choirs, musical groups organise music days of “Rīgas Skolēnu pils” – with many concerts in Riga, as well as – in the concert halls in other cities of Latvia.

In the choirs – children’s choir ”Rīga”,  girls’ choir ”Rīga”, girls’ chamber choir ”Tonika”, mixed choir ”Rīga”, choir „Accolada” – Latvian folk-songs and different other country folk-songs are taught, as well as – the author’s works, sacral music, musical plays, games. The choirs have represented our country with outstanding success in international contests. The choirs participate in Singing Festivals of Latvia and have become laureates there. The students with pleasure participate in charity concerts in children’s homes in Latvia, in old people’s homes and social care centres. Every year the choirs prepare special Easter, Christmas concert programmes.

Almost 30 years in “Rīgas Skolēnu pils” there is a kokle playing group “Austriņa”. At the beginning, in this musical group kokle is taught individually, as an instrument – an ethnographical kokle, as well as concert’s kokle, afterwards students play in a group. ”Austriņa” often participates in the performances abroad, where always the uniqueness of kokle is highly evaluated. “Austriņa” has recorded several CDs.

Folk-song group “Kokle” is attended by the young people who are interested in playing Latvian folk-music instruments – kokle, pipe, violin, as well as – who are interested in Latvian folk-songs, dances, games, Latvian traditions and customs.

More than 30 years “Rīgas Skolēnu pils”  has its own brass band. Its repertoire includes works of Latvian and foreign composers. There are individual classes when you learn to play your instrument and there are band’s general rehearsals.

A new musical group in “Rīgas Skolēnu pils” is an accordion players group.

Jazz and light vocal music group, vocal group  ”Melos”, vocal school, pop group ”Mio” prepare different concert programmes during the school year: Latvian music, sacral and clasical music, modern music, solo singing, The students learn to sing, learn to find their own scene image, participate in song contests, concerts and other musical activities.

Children yoga group “Bindu”

Rhytmoplastics hobby group’s students are 2-10 years old. In this hobby group under the guidance of professional eurythmics pedagogue by the way of music, games, fairy tales the students develop their individuality, sense of rhythm, standing, walking, coordination, understands their body and its possibilities.