Clothes style and fashion hobby group, fashion academy teach dressmaking, modelling, clothes painting, creation of own style. The samples made during the classes are demonstrated at fashion displays.

In ceramic art hobby group students work with Latvia clay. The figures, vessels, decorative things, even jewellery, is made from clay. The best works are painted, glazed, annealed.

“Paletīte” is the hobby group for little children who have classes at drawing, painting, moulding there. At floristic hobby group the making of flower compositions, bunches, decors is taught.

In the hobby group of textile design the students master textile art (tie-dying, weaving, macramé) techniques, work with silk and cotton clothes, print clothes. Colour teaching is of great importance in the hobby group classes.

In drawing and painting, graphic art hobby groups students work with different techniques: pencil, colours, ink, felt-point pen, chalk, carbon. Students participate at local, as well as international scale drawing contests, projects, and their works are highly evaluated.

If there is an interest to take care of the hair, to make own and friend’s style, to master hairdressing art and to participate in different exhibitions, then you should attend the hairdressing hobby group. In the hobby group the students master hair care, head massage, hair modelling, hair dying and its techniques, learn about hair care cosmetics.

At the classes of vessel painting hobby group children learn to paint with special colours in different techniques – on ordinary tiles, as well as on porcelain, ceramic and glass bottles etc. Besides technical skills, students study ornaments of different nations, master stylization of figures, plants, things which later are applied in painting of vessels.

At sculpture hobby group students work with clay and chamotte, make thematic compositions in round sculpture and relief, gain the first skills in sketching, as well as elementary knowledge in anatomy.

At jewellery making hobby group students work with metal, pearls, make appropriate jewellery for themselves, as well as – things of design.